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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Welcome To My LIfe

"Life's short- Buy the shoes, drink the wine, order the dessert"  words to live by if you ask me. My name is Nashaly Fermin hence why this blog is called that if any of you were wondering; I thought about other names, but what better than my own name, after all this is about me and my life. I've been wanting to start my own blog and have my own platform to write about fashion and just topics such as my experiences throughout my life and thoughts for several years now. A lot has happened to finally make me decide to go and do this but most importantly I wanted to stop wondering. Stop wondering "what will people think," " what if no one reads it" enough is enough, I wanted to do this for me and that's the only person I should think about pleasing. Sometimes I forget that it doesn't matter what people think because no one else is going to live your life but you, therefore that's why you shouldn't care. My mom taught me at an early age that if you want something you go get it, whether it may be a pair of shoes, clothing, even something you're craving to eat because you're here today and may not know about tomorrow. Sometimes living with that mentality makes me indulge in things I shouldn't, makes me waste my last dollar in a lipstick in Sephora; I do have very impulsive tendencies with everything which is one of my many qualities and you’ll all find out my impulsivity sometimes gets me into situations I could have avoided. Welcome to my life, I’m excited to share it with you all!

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