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Monday, July 29, 2019

Girl Problems

It's been a couple months since I've been back here. As much as I wanted to start this blog I've left it somewhat abandoned for a couple months and that's because this is hard. It's easy writing everything down for myself in a section of my notes on my phone; I have a million things to talk about, ideas of outfits and it's harder than I though to put my own crazy thoughts into words people besides myself will understand. But today I want to talk about something that's been on my mind for a couple days lately and its how hard it is to be a girl. Honestly, not just saying it because I am a girl, but being a girl/woman in this world is hard as hell. First of all, has anyone really put into thought all that goes into getting ready. Don't even get me started on the time I take getting ready, practically it's either I look like a mess or go all out.  Going all out means planning outfits two-three days in advance, getting hair done, planning makeup looks. Sounds a little obsessive but honestly I play no games when it comes to my outfits. Even trying to look presentable on a day to day basis requires so much work. I don't have anything against guys and not to sound like a crazy feminist but guys have it so much easier, haircut, nice clothes and a good cologne can make a guy go from a 5 to 9 in seconds. Not to mention all the other ways guys have it much easier in life in general but let me not get into that. I love getting pampered, from head to toe. I love getting my hair done, I have an obsession with my nails, and shopping is my life (litterallyyyy) and although I love all those things it takes up so much time. I could never take 45 mins to just do my hair; I'm Dominican and if you ever heard the saying "Dominican time" that's the way getting my hair, nails, and everything else is timed which in other words means it takes all day. I happily take my entire day off to pamper myself because it's always been important to me to maintain myself, but now being a working girl as I like to call myself even pampering yourself get's exhausting. Being a girl is hard but honestly I wouldn't change how extra I am for anything because I  know all the hassle to look good is worth it.
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