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Tuesday, October 8, 2019


I'm back again! Consistency seems to be a problem for me on the blog. But, today I want to talk about the only thing I've been consistent on and that is my relationship. I never thought of myself as one of those clingy girlfriends that always wants to be with their significant other yet here I am. I am super clingy, annoying even sadly for him. To this day I am still amazed at how we've both managed to keep our relationship even through the ups and downs. I am so stubborn sometimes, well most of the time if we're being honest, one of my worst traits; and that stubbornness is the main reason why we argue. Even knowing I can avoid certain arguments by just agreeing, I still say the contrary just because I'm so stubborn; but to be honest, he's used to it by now I mean he has to be because let's face it even when I'm wrong I am right its that simple. Yes, I have dated and seen other people before this relationship but this is my first real "grown up" relationship and its not all fun and dates all the time, sometimes it hurts. There are times where we've both thought of breaking things off, sometimes we even do out of anger but we always find our way back. I know I am young and can't properly grasp the idea of "love" but how else would I describe this indescribable feeling that I have when I am with him or even thinking of him. So that's how I knew I loved him and he should feel special because I don't really care about people so much let alone love in such a way. Loving someone is like a full time job or maybe it's just because I'm a bit crazy and intrigued with him at all hours of the day, sadly another thing he has to deal with. Sometimes I say I am obsessed as a simpler explanation but its just fascinating to care about someone so much you want to talk and be with them everyday, especially when that feeling is fairly new to you no matter how long we've been together that feeling never goes away. I was a bit skeptical writing about my relationship, first because I did not know how much I actually wanted to share and two because what if I write about my boyfriend and then one day we break up and he's not mine to write about. But, somehow deep down I don't think we'll break up no matter how many times I drive him crazy and well if we do then I was lucky enough to experience love the way I currently am. No relationship is perfect and whoever says theirs is a flat out liar, so don't listen to people when they come with their shit.
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